Cloud Transformation

Application Modernization

DevOps Implementation

Cloud Transformation

Adopting public cloud the right way is easier said than done, particularly for the existing applications that run your business. 

The challenge isn’t any easier on the operations side. The learning curve can be steep. We’ll help you realize the strategic business value you want from Cloud in weeks–not years.

Simplify your on-ramp to Cloud

With the help of initCloud product and our solutions team, you can automate your cloud provisioning with pre-built security and implementation best practices with any customization needed as per your organization’s need.

Migrate Cloud Tolerant & Cloud Native workloads to Cloud

initCloudcan help you here as well to migrate some of known workload types to Cloud. For the Cloud Tolerant & Cloud Native apps which are not pre-defined with initCloud, our solutions team will accelerate the migration by building automation for it.

True multi-cloud with Containerization & Kubernetes

Using initAppalong with GitOps, our solutions team will implement true multi-cloud strategy for your organization. This is driven by idempotency 

Application Modernization

Migrating your existing apps can be daunting—but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll help you develop a tailored application modernization strategy that improves agility while reducing costs and tech debt.

Start small.

We’ll get to work using targeted analysis to determine an ideal set of apps with low technical risk and high business value to start with.

Learn sustainable practices.

As we move those refactored apps into production, we’ll build a cookbook of patterns to streamline and accelerate future migrations.

Break down big apps.

Transition monolithic systems into microservices using methodologies like Event Storming, that can boost feature velocity across your development organization.

Automate everything.

Identify waste in your development workflow and replace manual processes with automation to improve outcomes.

DevOps Implementation

DevOps is a way of working that focuses on regularly shipping quality software that meets a business need. A successful and high-functioning DevOps practices tend to share several characteristics that impact the culture, process and tooling in an organization. Our DevOps solutions team focuses on tooling aspects, whereas our DevOps enablement team drives the culture in combination with process improvements.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Continuous integration and continuous delivery use automation to ensure that new application code is always tested, secure, and ready for deployment so teams can ship to production when the time is right. With the help of initApp product, you can initializ end to end automation for pre-defined toolchain & our solutions team can help select right set of toolchain and implement in case pre-defined needs to be customized.

Git Ops for Kubernetes

GitOps is a way to do Kubernetes cluster management and application delivery.  It works by using Git as a single source of truth for declarative infrastructure and applications. With Git at the center of your delivery pipelines, developers can make pull requests to accelerate and simplify application deployments and operations tasks to Kubernetes. Our solutions team will help you choose and implement the best tools for GitOps.


Success Stories

Modernize Legacy Windows Service

Our Application Modernization Solutions team, Re-Factored Legacy Windows Service into OS Agnostic containerized .NET Core Worker Service

Selecting the right toolset

Our DevOps Solutions team evaluated and help choose the right API Gateway for securing microservices.

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