Accelerate Application Development on Kubernetes

initApp™ is the platform for building enterprise applications, providing the power of Kubernetes, the reliability of Cloud, and the option to integrate with any services. It augments developer experience with no vendor lock-in

A Continuous Development Platform to Bootstrap Dev, Sec, Ops and Cloud for your Apps

Get started on your Apps with ease

Deploying an application with initApp™ is as simple as choosing your app name, integrations & workspace

1. Connect your environments

initApp is fully integrated with Git, CI/CD, Docker Repo & Kubernetes. Create a workspace with your connected environments or use managed dedicated or multi-tenant environments from us

2. Select your services

Choose your app name & services you want to integrate with. initApp has a growing list of pre-built integration with data, cache, security & observability services. 

3. Your App is deployed

initApp will create code repository, generate starter code with services & observability integrated, generate CI/CD workflow which deploys code to a hardened Kubernetes cluster