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Get started with Kubernetes

Kubernetes makes it easy to achieve enterprise-scale deployments. Enterprise Kubernetes solutions assist with the deployment and management of containerized applications on-premise, in the cloud, and at the edge. These solutions make it easier to manage your containerized apps.

Rapidly deploy and easily support reliable kubernetes platforms in the cloud or on-prem using initKube,  which is a kubernetes service that helps accelerate and enable organizations’ adoption of Kubernetes. It provides production-grade GKE, EKS or AKS clusters using IAC with everything required to run in production. It is built on industry best practices and Initializ’s proven architecture.

Kubernetes Services

Kubernetes Distribution & Management

Fully managed one-stop solution for running your container workload without worrying about your clusters

  • Provision & Upgrades Hygiene & Best Practices
  • Managing Capacity & Scale
  • Backups, Fail-overs & Disaster Recovery
  • Multi-everything (tenancy, cloud, region, hybrid)

Kubernetes Security

Architecting modern microservices with all security measures can be a daunting task. We help to simplify Kubernetes security by implementing

  • Zero Trust Model
  • Cluster Security​ & Node Security
  • Container Security​ & Service Mesh Security

Service Mesh

Protect your apps with end-to-end, dynamic, L7 access control. We provide

  • Service Mesh Consulting & Advisory
  • Service Mesh Deployment
  • Configuring Service Mesh
  • Service Mesh Commercial Support & Training

Application Containerization

Achieve your Digital Transformation goals by modernizing your applications. We help organizations develop and implement their application containerization strategies by navigating the constantly evolving landscape of new technologies. We leverage our deep experience working with clients including Fortune 100 companies, government organizations, and startups.


100% Managed Kubernetes

Kubernetes, being the industry standard orchestration tool for workloads in containers can manage on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments to deploy applications. Managing the allocated resources using this complex technology can be a daunting task. Our orchestration experts can manage your operations for you by maintaining, upgrading, and scaling your cluster while keeping an eye on security and cost-effectiveness.

So, concentrate solely on your app to maximize the potential of your complete team, and we’ll concentrate on your K8s.


Multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments can be created by modernizing application management and adopting DevOps. Using a re-platforming migration plan, you can move to a platform like Kubernetes that can handle several workloads at once. The level of scalability and flexibility that Kubernetes offer makes it one of the most popular container orchestration tools on the market for migrating an existing application or appliance. This can assist organizations in establishing a data-driven culture, reducing IT complexity and increasing efficiency, and enhancing flexibility across business processes.

As challenging task as it may seem, our experts will help you get through this by supporting you throughout the entire procedure and making your application better.

Determining your Goals

Cloud migration can result in a variety of advantages like optimal costs, improved customer service, high speed and scalability of operations, better resources, etc.  Various apps can be updated to run more dynamically on the cloud and offer particular advantages for that environment, whose speed, scalability, intelligence, and analytics can all be improved by moving them to the cloud. We evaluate each legacy application to find the optimal cloud migration plan because each one will likely require a different approach to modernization.

Creating an effective Migration Strategy

When preparing for migration, we determine the feasibility of migration so that we come up with a strategy that minimizes cost and maximizes potential value down the line. We evaluate the application’s potential for modification, the effort involved, and the potential benefits of Kubernetes to come up with an effective strategy that will help you achieve your goals and increase performance.


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