Application Containerization

Containers enable consistent deployment and execution

Are you considering containerizing your applications?

Containers are popular with both developers and operators because they offer a straightforward way to deploy and manage applications, regardless of the target environment. They facilitate DevOps (and DevSecOps) practices by improving handoffs between development and operations teams.

Containerization allows businesses to improve the performance of their applications while also increasing efficiency and lowering operating expenses.

By navigating the ever-changing terrain of emerging technologies, initializ assists enterprises in developing and implementing application containerization strategies.

Benefits of Containerizing your Applications


With automation, you can reduce the effort and complexity of managing a large state of containerized applications. These solutions enable you to respond quickly to changing market dynamics and consumer needs, with seamless integrations with infrastructure and immediate support for CI/CD.


Containerization helps in securely deploying applications by providing an additional layer of security through isolation. Modernized applications use the latest libraries and strategies to enhance security, thus improving applications and shielding the users.


Modernizing software necessitates an upfront cost, but capital expenditures including licensing and overhead costs can be cut down significantly with the help of containerization


The modular architecture is a tech agnostic approach that improves user experience and uptime while being a source of significant savings. Initializ helps organizations build powerful designs that use cloud-native technologies while easily integrating into current organizational processes to update legacy applications into microservices.


We’ll meet with your developers, architects, and leadership team before beginning any implementations to see if transitioning to microservices is a suitable fit for your company. Then, to get things accomplished, we’ll create a specific plan that includes the goals to achieve, organizational strategy, and technological recommendations.



We can assist you with the productization of your application and everything that entails. We can make it easier for clients to accept your products in the cloud, on-premise, hybrid, or at-the-edge environments by optimizing your developer workflow and automating both testing and customer deployments.


Containers are becoming popular because they are easy to create and deploy quickly, regardless of the target environment. Using tools like DockerSwarm and Kubernetes, you can take advantage of sophisticated capabilities like built-in high availability, improved security, and increased performance


Docker uses lightweight images and containers to package software applications that enable you to manage, monitor, and deploy your applications across multiple physical and virtualized infrastructures while minimizing cost and maintaining rapid application deployment speed.


With orchestration systems such as Kubernetes, you can significantly improve the built-in capabilities of your Docker application. Your containerized app benefit from Kubernetes high availability, updates in real-time, and other features. It also aids in cutting down on management and IT overhead expenses.


With so many enterprise container platforms available today, it might get difficult for you to choose the one that best meets your requirements. We’ve worked with many businesses to assist them in choosing, building, configuring, and deploying enterprise container platforms, from on-premise data centers to fully managed cloud environments.